The HWUHC Committee are the elected group of students who are responsible for leading the club. Each March, a new committee is elected at the AGM for the following season, and prepare all summer to ensure the club is ready to go for our new members joining us in September.

Please feel free to get in contact with any of the committee if you have any issues, uncertainties or suggestions throughout the year. In the meantime, get to know the new group who will lead your club!

Committee 2019/20:

President – Catherine Harrison

Contact – cah3@hw.ac.uk

Catherine has taken over presidency following a very successful term as club coordinator culminating in the ‘club of the year’ award. She will be responsible for directing the committee as a whole, and ensuring the club provides the best possible experience for our members.

Coordinator – Rory Saunders

Contact – rs71@hw.ac.uk

Rory has had a successful year as the Men’s 2s Captain and has also worked as a sports union ambassador over the last year so he is well prepared for the role of coordinator. He will be responsible for the booking of pitches, transport and liaising with the Sports Union, as well as providing the club with a weekly newsletter to preview each set of fixtures.

Treasurer – James Nairn

Contact -jn33@hw.ac.uk

Following a fantastic year as Men’s 1s Captain, James will be in charge of the club’s finances, ensuring that membership fees are paid in September, as well as setting the budget for kit, equipment, and other expenses. In addition to this, he will be helping the club transition into online banking which will really help to improve the management of finances.

Social Secs – Ellie Kemsley and Edward Creighton

Contact – ek44@hw.ac.uk and ec90@hw.ac.uk

Second years Ellie and Edward will be in charge of the famous hockey socials this season. They will be planning, booking and promoting our various pub crawls, fundraisers and club get-togethers. They will also be helping to improve and maintain our relationships with the other clubs in the SU.

Marketing Officer – Clara Montgomery

Contact – cem4@hw.ac.uk

4th year Clara is continuing her role from last year and will be responsible for the social media and promotion of the club. She will be managing the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts sharing updates from the club, as well as working with the social secs promoting our events.

Tour Sec – Annabel Armstrong

Contact – aa334@hw.ac.uk

Each year HWUHC embark on a continental adventure consisting of casual mixed hockey and nights out. Previous trips include, Prague, Rimini, Salou and Croatia. 3rd year Annabel will organise the tour and lead us to Europe following her great work as Social Sec and Sports Union Ambassador.

Community Officer – Ronan Kingsbury

Contact – rk59@hw.ac.uk

New to the committee, Ronan is now responsible for the club’s involvement outside of university, including our new partnership with Watsonians Hockey Club. He will aim to provide information to our members on new opportunities and encourage members to join the club.

Mens Captains – Simon Ewing (1st XI), Ross Millar (2nd XI) and James MacDonald (3rd XI)

Contact – sme6@hw.ac.uk , rbm5@hw.ac.uk and jcm8@hw.ac.uk

Simon takes the 1s captaincy in his  4th year at the club following his role as Sports Union Executive.

3rd year Ross will lead the 2’s following his consistent performances as goal keeper over the last 2 seasons.

3rd year James will lead the new 3’s team as a passionate member of the club.

They will take care of selection and match day arrangements for their respective teams.

Ladies Captains – Alex Dugan (1st XI), Emer Drayne (2nd XI) and Zoe Cuthbertson (3rd XI)

Contact – ad69@hw.ac.uk, ed19@hw.ac.uk and zc21@hw.ac.uk

4th year Alex will lead the 1s as a new member of the committee. Her passion and commitment to the team has really made her stand out and a perfect fit for this role.

4th year Emer has been a key member of the committee as Social Sec and Treasurer and this will be valuable in her organisation and leadership of the team.

Zoe is also 4th year and has taken on the role as 3s captain as it is a new position in the committee. She is passionate about improving the club and helping to build this new team.

They will be in charge of match day preparation and training for their retrospective teams.

Recreational Secretary – Heather Elder

Contact – hme2@hw.ac.uk

Having only joined the club last year, 2nd year Heather has become a big part of the club as the ladies 1s goal keeper. She will take on the role of organising teams for the Friday night league and encouraging people to play as it is a big part of the social side of the club.