Whether you have experience at international level, or simply want to try something new, HWUHC has a place for you.

How to join us:

During freshers week, HWUHC will be present around campus as we promote our first free taster session for freshers and new seniors. Keep an eye out for the Sports Union’s Festival of Sport and Exercise held at Oriam. Everyone is welcome to try this session, plus one training session free before you pay your membership!


Oriam is Scotland’s National Performance Centre for Sport, opening on Heriot-Watt’s campus back in September 2016. Oriam works in partnership with our Sports Union, and so your membership is paid directly to Oriam, with a £25 extra add-on for hockey club membership.

To join the club, you must first sign up to Oriam as a student member, before joining the hockey club for an extra £25. Oriam membership includes full membership of Heriot-Watt Sports Union, as well as access to the brand new gyms and classes available in Scotland’s Performance Centre for Sport.


You can sign up for Oriam right here —> ORIAM MEMBERSHIP